12 ideation card decks with triggers for brainstorming, design sprints & hackathons.

<aside> 💡 A trigger is a detail (for example a trend, technology, business model or outcome etc) that can be injected to spark new ideas and speed up a conversation.


Brainstorming and design thinking methods used in workshops, hackathons and design sprints often start with a stack of post-its and an empty wall. This approach can easily become quite unstructured and ad-hoc. By having the building blocks in your hands right from the start, you can instead focus on the act of combining them or finding ones that can improve your ideas, without having to come up with everything from scratch.


How might we…

The cards let you explore new ways of solving challenges. By starting each sentence with How might we … (or What if…) you are able to maintain focus while triggering new ideas and possibilities directly linked to the question. The cards help you to narrow and change the scope of exploration continuously.

Example: “How might we improve the local square by making something…


that uses a technology


that docks into a trend


that fullfills a human need


that makes money through a business model


that tackles a global challenge


that docks into a future skill


that is made for persona


that includes all, not only people with privilege